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Great Houston Warrant Roundup - March 2015

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Great Houston Warrant Roundup - March 2015

Great Houston Warrant Roundup - March 2015

2015 Great Houston Warrant Roundup

Houston Ticket Lawyer Advises You NOT to Pay Those Old Tickets and Post a Bond Instead!

The Great Houston Warrant Roundup is returning in March 2015.  Each year in March, during the Great Warrant Roundup, the City of Houston and about seventy other jurisdictions in the Houston area begin arresting people who have outstanding traffic warrants.

Should I fear the Houston Warrant Roundup?

You should only worry about the Houston Warrant Roundup if you have an outstanding warrant in City of Houston Municipal Court or some other jurisdiction. 

The City of Houston will do its best to scare you into paying your old ticket.  Don't do it. The City of Houston is only interested in getting your money.

You should not fear the Houston Warrant Roundup.  There are things you can do to avoid being arrested.  See below.  One thing you should not do is pay the underlying tickets.  If you do, you will be convicted and the conviction may go on your driving record. The conviction can result in you receiving points, surcharges, license suspensions, etc. 

How did I end up with a warrant? 

You probably received a ticket for a Class C misdemeanor such as speeding, running a stop sign, expired inspection sticker, expired registration sticker, running a red light, etc.  The officer had you sign the traffic ticket.  When you signed the traffic ticket, you promised to appear in court for an arraignment on a particular day and at a particular time.  If you failed to go to court on the right day or the right time, the judge probably issued a warrant for your arrest.

Or, you went to your arraignment on the right day and time and asked for a trial.  The court reset you for a judge or a jury trial and you signed a Notice of Trail in which you promised to appear in court on a certain day at a certain time for trial.  If you did not go on the right day at the right time, the Judge probably issued a warrant for your arrest.

What is a warrant?

A warrant is a Judge’s order to a peace officer, usually a Policeman, Constable or Sherriff’s Deputy, to arrest someone.  A warrant for your arrest authorizes the policeman to arrest you wherever he or she may find you. Typically, people get arrested on their next traffic stop.  But during the  Great Houston Warrant Roundup, the police will do things like come to your home or work to arrest you.

Don’t Pay that Ticket!  Post a Bond Instead!

Avoid the many hidden penalties that result from paying a ticket and receiving a conviction. 

What happens when I post a bond?

When you post a bond, your warrant is suspended and your traffic ticket is placed back on a judge or jury trial docket where you can require the State to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.  You can also plea bargain with the State to do things to try and keep the traffic tickets from becoming convictions.

How hard is it to post a bond?

Not very hard at all.  You can do it yourself by posting a cash bond. Or you can hire an attorney bondsman or a bonding company to post a surety bond on your behalf.

If you have questions about the Great Houston Warrant Roundup or how to post a bond, give my helpful legal assistant, Marisa, a call at 713-880-4529.

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